I thought “Wow!  This is an awesome idea!  How can I get involved?”.  It was during an online photography conference back in June that I discovered something that, as a photographer, I can actually use the skills and platform that I have to make someone feel special, to give back to a community that I feel very much a part of and can call “home”.  Help-Portrait is able to do exactly that.  It’s not a charity, but more a global movement.  Photographers and anyone willing to help get together for a common purpose, across the world, to provide something that not everyone has access to – having their portrait taken.  It’s kind of one of those random acts of kindness, but with a little planning.  No one is asking for anything in return, no money needs to be donated to Help-Portrait.  It’s a group of people donating their time, knowledge, and hearts to make someone’s day that much more special.

There were a couple of different groups here in Milton.  I found out more through the Milton Camera Club and I was privileged to be a part of a group that went to the Darling Home for Kids to provide family portraits in time for the Christmas season.  To find out more about the Darling Home for Kids and how you can help this awesome organization, click HERE!  They do incredible things for children and their families.  The people who are involved there are some of the world’s finest!  Their love, efforts and understanding make the children and their families that benefit from that place feel like they are home.  So we came to them, to a familiar place.  It was incredible to see the bright faces, warm smiles and to feel the joy that we were able to help heighten that day.  I was able, with help from my favourite “elf” Patti, bring in a very special guest as a surprise for everyone.  His name starts with “S” and ends in “-anta”, shhhhh!  He was able to sneak away from his busy schedule to make a full day visit!

This post is not so much a promotion, but more of an attempt at awareness for other photographers and anyone that would be able to help for next year’s movement.  So if you love taking photographs, or if you’re a makeup artist, or a hair dresser, or simply someone that would love to be involved in an incredible day, check out Help-Portrait.  I would love to see you there next year, because it’s already in planning stages!

I’m not able to share the portraits that were taken – but I can share some of the behind the scenes shots to give you an idea of how much fun we all had!

Can you tell I was ready for the day?

Jewels, one of our many portrait photographers extraordinaire!

I didn’t matter what camera was used, as long as you used it.

There’s Santa’s helper Patti being a test model.

It was great to see friends like Alan and other people that I’ve met since I started down this photography path, and that we’re all able to give back.

Patti workin’ hard.  Jason wasn’t phased at all!

I told you I had hook-ups!  Look who it is!

He can still bring out the kid in all of us.

I took a little walk over to a different station on some down time.  Here’s what I found!!!

EVERYBODY wanted their photo taken with Santa.

A MASSIVE thank-you goes to Tom and Savanna Cahill, our organizers and general glue that kept it going the whole day and in the weeks of preparation.  They’re already planning for next year!  Love you guys!

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