I like having a plan.  No, I take that back.  I LOVE having a plan!  Plans, lists, organization, directions, they all make my day easier and the chances of needing an antacid is pretty much nil.  Of course life wouldn’t be worth living if there wasn’t some sort of randomness, don’t get me wrong … just let me know first.

So, in the honour of all things planned, Patti and I went out to one of our upcoming wedding shoot spots!  It’s outdoors, so that means be prepared for any type of weather because everyday the forecast tells us “Chance Of Thunderstorms!!!” or “Bring An Umbrella Or You’ll Regret It!!!” type of precipitation.  Sometimes it happens, most times not, but they still put it in there, y’know, just in case.  That’s nothing.  Bring on the rain!  Cloud cover is AWESOME for photos because it means even light no matter where you go.  It’s the SUN that makes it a challenge, and it was definitely sunny the day we went out our little “scope-out”.  Ok grammar police, let me have it!  Scope-out, ya heard me!

The nice thing about the sun is that you can create some great lighting on the fly with reflections from so many things, you just have to look around you.  Building, concrete walkways, open shade and even back lighting.  And even though it may be “on the fly”, at least I feel prepared for it!

I hope everyone smiles like this when they have a plan!  Even though she’s more the adventurous type 😉

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