I met her in Milton amongst other photographers at a meetup.  But I didn’t really think that our paths would cross again as soon as they did.  Sometimes the meetups are so few and far between that I get to see familiar faces only once or twice a year.

Meet Melissa Dawn Thomas of Select Focus Photography.

A few weeks ago I was facebooked (it’s a verb now, don’t ya know?) by a familiar face from Burlington to have a look at her website that she had just finished putting together, and let her know what I thought.  My first thought was “WOW!  Someone’s asking my opinion!  I’m so flattered!”, because I feel like I don’t really know what I’m doing, I just do what feels right for me whether it’s wrong to someone else or it doesn’t stick to the template.  It works for me, and that’s all I need!  So, instead of giving the generic “Looks good!” or “Looks nice!”, I thought I’d would say something that I knew that I would want someone to say to me.  Critique, if you will … even though I’m in no way an expert!

I talked about a couple of things about the navigation, clarity in presentation, all great!  But one thing that I suggested was that she needed a picture of herself on her website so that her potential clients can see what she looks like.  You know, nothing super in depth about her life, just a sneak peek as to who that client will be working with in the future, a bit of an ice breaker.

So I offered to take some photos for her.

Her reaction was exactly what mine would have been, just short of saying “Nooooo way!”, but she said yes!  Because how can we be photographers if we ourselves can’t feel comfortable on the opposite side of the lens?  It brings us that much closer to knowing how the bride, groom, mother, sister, or anyone feels when you point that camera in their direction.

Melissa was a trooper, she was awesome in fact!  Before we headed to Paletta Mansion on Lakeshore Road, we met up at Starbucks to sit and chat a bit.  I had my americano, standard for me, I know, no surprises, and then hit the road to take advantage of the overcast skies and the even reflections off the snow in the gardens of Paletta.

We had the mandatory Canon vs. Nikon discussion.  No matter what you shoot with, just make sure you have great models like Melissa to work with!

The stone work at Paletta was amazing.  I wish I lived there so people would drool over my house like I did.

I’ll end off with Melissa’s choice for her website photo AND current Facebook profile photo.  You rocked it out!

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