As her bridesmaids interacted more like sisters than friends, they laughed and shared smiles with Erin, and talked the way sisters do. Calm and collected, Erin was enjoying every moment with them, reminiscing on all of the planning and excitement that came together for this day.

And while her dad watched his little girl, trying hard to hold back his emotions through big smiles and big laughs, his heart would prove to be the strongest and show just how happy he was for her.

Tim was enjoying every moment, just as Erin, with his brothers and brother-in-law before the ceremony. And once it began, headed by his uncle, Erin and Tim exchanged loving smiles and glances, and shared their unity with their family and friends.

Holding hands in the sunlight, walking through gardens of summer flowers and into a night of fun, laughs and Olympic inspired games, Erin and Tim made new plans and excitement for their lives together.

Erin+Tim, we are truly happy and honoured to have been there to see you make plans for the future, and to welcome us like friends.

To see more of their wedding, CLICK HERE FOR A SLIDESHOW!… or watch it here below! |

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