My day started off with a quick trim of the winter beard which had been getting a little too bushy for my liking.  So ZOOM and I’m looking cleaner!  But I was rethinking the trim after the quick walk to school with the girls.  I knew the cold weather was coming, but first thing in the morning is bone chilling.  I did get to use my new Guiness scarf that came in a gift pack.  I’m not a big scarf wearing type, but it definitely did a great job.  Plus, Patti said I looked “dapper”.  That’s a good thing, right?

Today was our visit to Toronto with Julie, Geo, and baby Naomi.  What a great family.  Props go out to Geo for helping us with parking, grinding some fresh coffee on our arrival and getting some great mediterranean veggie style pizza for lunch.  I’m really liking the eggplant!

The visit was a little surreal.  It was the first time that I was able to see a bunch of my photos framed and all over their condo!  It was such a great feeling to know how much someone appreciated what I tried to capture for them.  All I can say was that it was such a pleasure for me to sit down with them and watch a slideshow of my photos flashing on a huge widescreen tv in their own living room.

I’d also like to introduce everyone to the fourth member of their family.  Meet Roxy!

roxy-001Roxy even helped lead us back to our car in the parking garage.  She’s awesome!

Thank you guys for everything today!  We had a great time.

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