I know, I know … Todays is not Friday, it’s Sunday.  I had full intentions of posting this 2 days ago, but I had a little “OH NO!” moment on Friday when my laptop screen wouldn’t work, and the blog that I wrote was saved on the desktop!  There was no way to recreate the vision, passion and incredibleness that I wrote.  Foiled by the technology that I so rely on.  But it’s all sorted out now, and the blog post was not harmed in any way during the recovery process, so away we go!

This is me reaching out to the guys.  A guy’s perspective, a little “insider information” if you will.  This series of blog posts (**one topic per post) will cover appreciating the fashion guru that you are, and create an appreciation of in your guy so that not only do you want to show him off to the world (which I’m sure you already do!), you’re gonna look awesome by each other’s side (and hopefully he’ll score some major points with you in the process)!  Not to say that he already doesn’t!  So ladies, grab your guys, sit them down, bribe them if you have to, tell them I’m talking about hockey or football!

Disclaimer:  While you may be able to get your groom to read these posts, I am not guaranteeing that they will agree with my views.  So have fun!  And remember, my view may not be correct, just consider the source 😉

Here we go fellas.


They are an essential part to not only daily life, but the entire wardrobe of the woman you love.  You may be saying “But Brent, why so many?!  I can count on one hand the amount I have!”  There are many reasons as to why a wonderful lady would have 1000+ pairs in her closet, but it all comes down to one thing:  Because there’s nothing wrong with having that many!  Different colours, shapes, heels and flats, buckles, bows… you name it.  And there’s probably a designer out there that’s incorporated any of those aspects into the design of a shoe.  Remember the Reebok Pump and how we all had to have it?  See, even you probably had enough pairs of shoes to count on 2 hands!

A while back I was standing with a friend in Port Credit and she noticed a lady walking by wearing a pair of high heeled shoes that had bright read soles.  She turned and whispered to me “Those shoes are probably $1200!”  And I said “They’re Christian Louboutin.” ….Her jaw dropped in awe that I knew what I was talking about.  But that’s part of my job!

To us guys, shoes may seem as simple as – you put them on because you don’t like walking in bare feet.  There’s a whole world of colour matching, comfort, if they match with that belt that I haven’t worn in years (that’ll be another post!) that we guys don’t understand.  But there is definitely one thing we can all understand, and that is when the shoe fits, and by fit I mean perfectly-goes-with-the-outfit, she’s happy!  There’s a lot of time and reasoning that goes behind every single pair in her repertoire.  You’ve gotta appreciate that!

Here’s my suggestion:  The next time you go out with her, check out her shoes, and tell her that they look nice.  Not only will she be surprised, but she’ll love you for it and brag about you to all of her friends!  And go check out who this Christian Louboutin guy is and what he does.

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