It was a weekend of living.  Of time spent with my parents dressed as an impromptu visit, leading to laughs over cold drinks and BBQ after a shoot that we were in the area for.  Of visiting the camera shop 3 times in as many days, if for any reason other than simply because it reminds us of being kids roaming the toy section.  Of getting kicked out of a private parking lot because we were way too early for a shoot around the corner.  Of sharing a wedding day with an incredible couple that we are so honoured to be able to call them friends and to have been able to capture it for them .  Of laughing our rear-ends off in the car when Patti’s iPhone dinged with a reminder that it was our anniversary, and realizing that we both forgot … but we thought “at least we forgot together” (LMAO).  Of popping that bottle of bubbly that we’ve been holding on to for such an occasion.

Cheers to friends, family, the journey, and an anniversary that we will never forget … and laugh at ourselves together.

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