A few days ago I was told be one of our great coordinators of our Help-Portrait day at the Darling Home for Kids that we have permission from all of the families to post any candids that we have, as long as we don’t post any of the actual portraits that will be handed to the families.

So, before I show you some more awesome moments from our incredible day this past December 4th, let me direct you back to the last post so that you have an understanding again as to what Help-Portrait is, and what we were able to do for the families at the Darling Home for Kids in Milton.

On to the fun!!!

Getting ready for her moment in the spotlight!

But that spotlight needs to be tested first.  Check out these willing participants!

Jay in action!

Hmmm… shiny, I’d better not mess with it, hehe.

I apologize in advance ladies, but it was a huge part of the day and how fun it was.  Please don’t hate me!

Where have I seen these guys before?

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