I’m still not sure what my view would be of the H1N1 vaccine, whether to get it or not, especially being a parent of 2 young girls and what advice I would give to other parents, other than good hand washing!  Very important!  It’s still being covered intensely by the news, and it’s still scaring a lot of people, with good reason of course.  But, my family no longer needs to wonder because it went through our house!  Both girls and myself included had it, but somehow it bypassed Patti completely!  Mommy sure took good care of everyone.

Everyone has now been healthy and back to regular life for a few weeks now.  But not before it affected things like deliveries (even by mail, I didn’t want to send out anything “infected” to my clients because I’m still doing that part of the business personally) and photo shoots (I had to turn down what might have been my first maternity shoot, I had no intention of jeopardizing anyone’s family).

One such delivery delay was for a shoot I did back in October.  Remember this cutie patootie?


Patti and I get to see her again in a couple of days!  We’re heading out to Toronto on Friday morning to deliver Naomi’s photos to her, mommy Julie, and daddy Geovanni.  I have known Julie since junior high school days when we were both in air cadets and had the same friends.  The day of the shoot with their family was the first time that I had seen Julie in, what we could figure, about 14 years!  So, this Friday let’s us get to visit again and see how much Naomi has grown in that time.  How time flies!  She had just turned 5 weeks old at the time of the session!  I’m for sure bringing my camera with me.


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