To say they’ve known each other pretty much all of their lives is, well, true.  Proof in the form of their Save-the-Date cards shows a young Katherine and an equally young Mike, not exactly wanting to pose together for a picture (cooties are to blame I’m sure).  I guess it’s something you just have to go through as a child when you’re family friends.

As we all grow, things change.  Interests grow.  Katherine tells a story of how Mike would catch her eye, but she thought he was interested in another girl.  Whereas Mike simplifies in true guy-esque… …Girls? What were they in junior high?

College days roll around, walking the halls, meeting with friends.  Interests grow, cooties disappear, love emerges, and Katherine and Mike are planning their wedding for June of next year.

Katherine+Mike… thank you for sharing a beautiful fall afternoon around Georgetown and Erin with us and for sharing your stories.  We are thrilled and honoured to be capturing your day for you, and we can’t wait until you share your stories with the world.

To see more of their wedding, CLICK HERE FOR A SLIDESHOW!… or watch it here below!

Katherine + Mike – Engagement, Georgetown Wedding Photographer, Erin Wedding Photographer from Brent Pilgrim on Vimeo.

The sun came out just to shine on Katherine.

Those are 2 warm hearts right there!

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