A semi-impromtu (which means planned in the real world), short but very sweet visit to Ottawa with awesome family, great food, tasty beer, a heck of a lot of walking, a new logos app on the iPhone, and iPhone photos!  Between the market, the small shops and all the buskers, I’m glad that I invested in those Dr. Scholl’s inserts to make me feel like a spry-old man.

Ottawa holds a special place in our hearts – a personal connection and we would love love love to shoot a wedding or 1000 along the Rideau Canal.  Any takers???

Here are a few memories that we took back with us!

– Brent


Good morning Ottawa … looking like a great day for weather and walking.

Gettin’ our tourist on!  Parliament and buskers in the market – definitely artists of their craft.

There’s a definite need for this in Milton… and I’m sure Patti would be up to sending me 😉

And the view from the top of where we were staying with the sun going down.  Oh, and I was bbq’ing at the same time!

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