We arrived an hour early to check the place out because we were told that it was beautiful inside.  I’m so glad we got there when we did, because our intel was right!  After walking through the front doors of the church and passing by the big gathering of people having refreshments in the basement, Patti and I headed up, up, up to the balcony over looking the alter.  It was like a blast of colour that hit us all at once.  The murals, the stained glass with the sun shining through, it was everywhere, it was incredible!  I had never been to a Greek Orthodox church before, and this was my first time shooting a baptism in one.  True confessions!  So I was a little nervous, and excited at the same time, but the parents, Catherine and Jon, were so great and happy to see us to help make this day a memorable one for their daughter Rowan.  They walked into the lower level of the church just after I finished up with a beautiful wide angle shot of the ceiling.  I yelled out a “Hey guys!”.  I guess I wasn’t listening when my mom told me to be quiet in church when I was a kid.  Oops!  I’m just glad no one else was there yet.

Not only did we get some incredible photos from the day, but we also came away with a huge learning experience about what happens during the baptism.  It was also a little different for me shooting wise, because I was allowed to be up right on the stage in front of the altar with everyone!  That’s something I wouldn’t DREAM of doing during a wedding.  Everyone was so great to us, and we hope that it really shows in the moments that we captured for Rowan and her family.

Catherine and Jon – Thank you for inviting us capture this very important day for you guys and Rowan!    You had trust in us, and I hope that we came through for you, even though this was a first for us.

The baptismal ceremony took place at St. George’s Greek Orthodox Church in Toronto, and THIS is what was waiting for us!

Yay!  Happy Rowan!

No more happy Rowan..!

It’s ok, Mommy’s there!  And now you’re getting all dolled up.

We jumped into the alley between the church and the sushi restaurant for some great light.

Somebody’s loved!

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