Spring is in full gear, but for the past little while it feels like we’ve jumped straight into the Summer heat!  Patti and I have been nursing a burned-up patch on our front lawn for a couple of weeks now … who knew leaving a pile of leaves for weeks on end around Halloween time would do that?!  Lesson learned.  But, I’m glad to report that bright green blades of grass have been spotted in the past couple of days, so that’s a great sign of things to come.

Part of what comes with this great weather is the urge to get out and do something fun.  Yard work is out – unless you think that’s fun… The water is a little cold for swimming in the area, so that’s out too.  But, we decided to do something and go somewhere that we’ve only heard about other people doing.  So, on a whim, we jumped in the car and drove to Niagara On The Lake to taste some wine and craft beer!

First stop – Jackson Triggs.  After a little walk around of the grounds, we stepped inside for a couple of small tastes.  The Syrah is a peppery red, and the only complaint I had is that it didn’t come with the steak that should go with!

They were setting up for a wedding later on in the day.  We would LOVE to capture an incredible couple’s day here someday!

It may just be the start, but these little guys are gonna produce some great tastes.

Would I like to sit in front of this fireplace and sip wine in the Winter?  Don’t mind if I do!

Stop #2 – Oast House Brewers.  I loooove me sometime craft brew discoveries, and their Barn Raiser American Pale Ale made the cut.

Final stop – Silversmith Brewing Company.  Nestled in the heart of the area and located in a refurbished small church, we topped off our afternoon by taking home some of their Black Lager and great conversation with the owners/operators.

Well, it seemed that beer made a 66% appearance in a location known more for wine.  No complaints from either of us, that just means we’ll be back again to explore a little more.

Happy weekend everyone!

– Brent

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