On April 1st of last year we reached out to you for help.  Patti’s cousin Amy was then, and still is on a life journey, one that a lot of us may never follow, but it’s one that she wants to be shared for those that are looking for perspective, community, and a sense that they are not alone in this massive world where they may feel lost – a young life with Cancer.

Since that time treatments have come and gone, a trip through the Grand Canyon on a raft happened, and with your support a dream has become reality.  The Kickstarter project that was launched turned into what we are happy to announce was premiered this past Wednesday April 2nd, 2013.  ‘Valleys‘ is best described by Mike Lang, the producer, in this excerpt from his article on the Huffington Post website:

…we will be sharing the story of Amy, a cancer survivor, and her friends and family as they each struggle with the unique challenges that cancer has brought into their lives. The hope is that through this webseries we will be able to see cancer from many different perspectives leading to open, honest communication with the people we love.”

On every Wednesday of April and May, follow along with everyone as Amy takes her journey through splashing water, heart felt moments, and an overall hope that other young adults living with cancer will feel less alone.

Here is Episode 1:

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