Trends come and go, styles are ever changing.  But one thing that seems to never alter for weddings is the role of the bouquet.  Real flowers, not-so-real flowers, DIY or totally “tricked-out”, extravagant jewels or simple elegance.  Over the years of capturing weddings, we’ve come to realize that a bride’s bouquet also holds special powers – it can make guests swoon over it, and also make the most dapper of grooms look even better.  So much so that we make a portrait of it all on its own!  Customize it with special meaning – integrating “something borrowed” from a beloved family member, or sprinkle with a tribute to loved ones no longer with us.

What are your ideas for your bouquet?  Share with us, leave a comment, and we’d love to start a conversation about one of the items you’ll carry with you throughout your whole wedding day!

Here a some of the beautiful bouquets that have we’ve had the privilege of witnessing.

Milton Wedding Photographer

At Bellagio Event Centre in Vaughan, Rochelle’s bouquet was glittered with broaches and pins from her own collection and that of various family members.


Tanya’s bouquet was wrapped in lace that was once a part of her Grandmother’s wedding dress.  A beautiful sunny ceremony on the beach at Sherkston Shores.


Here’s that power in action!  Joan’s white bouquet even had Ricardo smiling in Kariya Park in Mississauga.


A dragonfly and charm with initials symbolized the heart of a loved one being close on Katherine and Mike’s wedding day at Greystone Golf Club in Milton.


A fresh splash of colour from Vanessa’s bouquet at her outdoor / green wedding at Kortright Conservation Centre.


Earth-tones in Terrie’s bouquet brought life to a rainy Autumn day in Milton at Victoria Park.


Remember this one?  Jackie’s DIY wooden flower bouquet during her wedding portraits at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Chicago had everyone talking on Facebook!


Juanita’s classic style red rose bouquet demanded attention at Crosswinds Golf & Country Club in Burlington.


Purples and whites accompanied Jen down the garden path for her wedding along the river at Terra Cotta Inn.


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