Your perfect day is indeed perfect!  Every minute of it is a part of the story that you’ll tell your children, your children’s children, and the stories they tell their children someday of how 2 incredible people came together in love to plant the seed of the family tree that they are now a part of.

And parts of that story are the nervous giggles and tiny bumps in the road of the small unexpected things that simply add to the fun.  Over the years, Patti and I had realized that we can help keep those bumps as low as possible by bringing a little emergency kit with us to keep our couples rocking on their wedding day, and not held back by a wardrobe malfunction.

From a mini-sewing kit for a torn seam, to extra pins for the Groom’s boutonniere, to bandaids for chaffed heals in those brand new Jimmy Choo shoes, and everything in between – we’ve got your back!



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