After reading the heading to this post, you might be thinking to yourself that it seems a little trivial when it comes to booking your wedding photographer.  Of course the most important thing would be the quality of their work and the imagery that you want to have representing your memories, hands down – no exception.  But, more and more, one of the questions that we are being asked by our couples when we first meet is “What do you wear?”  It’s an honest question and we completely understand why they would ask.  That’s why we never shy away from answering.

When shooting a wedding, Patti and I dress to blend in so that we’re not drawing any more attention to ourselves than we need to, and that way we aren’t taking away from any of the couple’s or love one’s experience during the day.  How we figure this out is by asking the same sort of question back to them.  We dress ourselves according to the bridal party – so that means if Formal, then we dress Formally.  If it’s a beach wedding with casual light attire, then we match to that (but not wedding party colours, fashion faux pas, zoinks!) so that all the attention stays where it should be.

Although it may be a small aspect of how we work, it is a major plus in that it is one less thing that our couples will have to worry about on the day of their wedding.

So, to help visualize (and since it’s much easier for guys to get ready 😉 ), I (Brent) have been “volunteered” to be first to show what I wear to a Formal Wedding!

Wedding Photographer Formal Attire


1.  A freshly pressed suit for me is a must at a Formal wedding.  Dark colours make for ease of walking around and less chance of being noticed … not that I would wear yellow anyhow!  A dark tie is always worn so that a “pop” of colour isn’t drawing anyone’s eye either, and I always make sure the tie is always darker than the shirt.  This particular suit is a dark gray which keeps the blending mode, but also is a slight difference if the groom and his side wear black.

2.  I have a favourite pair of cufflinks that I wear to every wedding that allows for a french cuffed shirt.  Mini SLR-style cameras! (close-up pic below)

3.  Timelines are a big part of our process.  But what’s a timeline without actually knowing what time it is?  That’s where my Fossil watch comes in!

4.  Tie clip.  Plain and simple.  Nothing worse than a breeze that turns my tie into a mini flag.

5.  Black shoes.  Shined and all-day-wearable.

Here’s a close-up of those cufflinks!:


And here’s the combination in action … well, at least from the waist up… Notice how our groom Mike is not paying attention to me at all?  He’s just having a great time watching and interacting with his friends while getting their picture taken:


We will try to post behind the scenes photos of us all dressed up, but only when we find ones that aren’t embarrassing 😉

Happy Wedding Planning!


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